Children’s Library Shanghai

Project Designer I Ennead Architects I Competition I 2016

The Shanghai Children’s Library is the first step in a larger comprehensive plan that merges architecture and landscape to create a visionary indoor-outdoor learning environment — a “Reading Park”.  Building upon the library design’s merging of building and landscape, this master plan envisions strategic, episodic updates, additions, and revisions that catalyze the park’s existing potential as a public space, learning environment, and teaching tool.  

All too often, buildings built within park landscapes turn their back on their surroundings, taking up valuable space, but giving nothing back to the community and the park in which it is built.  This project merges architectural and landscape design ideas to create a holistic approach that merges interior and exterior space, blurring the edges of the traditional library to create a larger vision of a Reading Park and Learning Landscape — creating a “win-win” for both the library and the park’s existing community

Team: Thomas Wong,  Grace Chen, Andrew Burdick, Wenny Hsu, Jackie Zhou, Wenyu Jiang, Xiaoyun Mao, Kyung Il Min, Ursula Trost

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