Taipei Pop Music Center | University for Applied Arts Vienna | Sudio Prix | 2010

The project “Anamorphosis” is a 530 long open structure, that generates function clusters that hold enclosed or partly open spaces. It forms gradients of structural densities, program arrangements, openings, flair and senses (auditive, visual). It erupts over the underground main concert hall, forms a bridge to free the site for the outside auditorium and creates a media/cinema landscape where it is embedded into the earth.A steal structure with a bamboo under construction are the main structural and space forming elements. The program is distributed to function clusters that provide a convertible media space, studio spaces, shop and restaurant. Each cluster is a circulation entity. The media spaces can be transformed into a cinema, library, museum or performance space and they trigger a simulacrum through distorted projections (anamorphosis).


in collaboration with Lea Artner, Anais Meon, Stefanie Theuretzbacher

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